Hello Everyone,

I am looking at purchasing a couple of 05' vintage 3,000 ton York chillers (mod# YDYFYBJ3-DCA) and according to the literature the tube counts are as follows:

Evaporator: 183 - 0.035" Enhanced Copper Tubes
Condenser: 262 - 0.035" CSL Enhanced Copper Tubes

I was looking at scrapping them as it can be very difficult to place an end user for chillers of this size especially when I haven't been able to secure documentation of service records. To my way of thinking these tube counts can't be correct. That is what I would normally find in 300 ton chiller. I am also surprised that chillers of this vintage would have 0.035" wall thickness. If anything I would have expected the tubes to have thinner walls than normal.

The operating weight of these things is 162,000 pounds a piece. Does anyone have any insight into this matter? I simply don't see any possible way that these tube counts could be correct.

Thanks for your help,