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    Where to buy a wall mounted air handler simulator

    Hey folks,

    I would like to buy an air handler simulator for my company's training room to do practice controls programming and troubleshooting. I know there are a plethora of great graphical simulators out there, but I have some old-fashioned customers and techs that I believe would do far better by hands on with an old-fashioned wall-mounted simulator. Any suggestions on who to contact or where I can shop for one? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could make one. With ecm motors becoming widely available and "competitively priced" it wouldn't be much of an investment. ECM motors make an easy and effective simulator for a VAV AHU.

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    They are not that hard to build in-house for little $$.

    Most I have done consist of an airflow diagram with LEDs indicating the binary points. For analog points 10 segment bar graph LEDs work great. You can get fancy and use small 24v fans and small actuators.

    Many moons ago I built a demo with a resistor tied to a temp sensor. It was great for teaching PID loop tuning, PWM, ON/OFF control principles. The resistor is wired in a dead short and when energized it heats the sensor. Output and feedback in controller for next to no $$$.

    Glossing over the details, but with a little imagination and less than $50 you can have a pretty nice simulator for teaching classes.
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    I've seen them built out of plexiglass at the Johnson Controls Institute in Milwaukee.

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