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What you are describing Glenn, is a fragile child's mind... clinging to hope that is laced with denial. If they ever see reality... they crash.

So they have a sub-conscious drive to NOT come out of denial... their sense of life and reality goes down the tubes (like a mental breakdown) if they have to let go of the denial.

It is like a survival instinct to NOT let the denial go... for them it is truly life... and letting it go would be embracing unreality.
Just more exclusion and condescending rhetoric.

That got you all real far this last election. Im sure you remember that landslide Romney victory you predicted. Right GA?

Please continue on your same course.

So we can continue to kick your A..es come the next election.

There is no "Denying" one thing.

That you guys are certainly not a bunch of rocket scientists if you can't figure out that your exclusion and condescending attitudes are not helping your cause.