Hi Guys, we installed a Carrier boiler about a year ago and about 2 months after we got a no heat call. Came out and found that the system was full of air. The radiators have no bleeders. The return lines have spigots on them for bleeding. It was a straight change out with no funds available to re-do the piping. I bled all the air out which took 2 hours (no joke). Just got a call from the home owner again with the same issue. Somehow there is air getting into this system and the Honeywell Supervent is not getting rid of it. The old 50 year old boiler didn't have this issue. There was a shotty remodel done in the home, I'm wondering if they tied the domestic into the boiler lines somehow? Forgive me, boilers are not my specialty. Also, the Grudfos pump was set on Medium, I switched it to High in hopes that it might move the air to the eliminator better. Do you guys have any suggestions for me on this one?