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    Trane Voyager trouble

    I have a Trane m#YCD300B4HAHB on a Trane Tracker building management system i got dispatched a call for tomorrow that the customer is saying the display is showing "local set point failure" I am not very familiar with these Tracker systems at all I'm just looking for any heads up on what to be looking for that would be causing this just trying to get a little education on this before i jump in, thanks for any help.

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    check power supply to unit
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    My quess is there is a failure with the local set point. Just kidding, you may want to post this in the controls section.

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    There are a few things that should be identified first before you begin trouble shooting.

    Identify what version of Trane Tracker you are running such as version 10
    Are you using comm 4 for communication.
    Check what type of zone sensor is being used such as a BAYENS017 and verify that it's resistance is corresponding to actual temp.
    What is the Version No. of the RTRM board.
    Check supply air temperature sensor, or mixed air temperature sensor.

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