I sent in my Veto last week, and got my zero down time replacement in the mail with no problems, like I have done in the past when I had zipper issues. Only this time Roger from Veto called me. I got the call, answered hello. He said this is Roger. Im like roger who? He said from Veto, then it clicked. He proceeded to tell me he has some issues with the bag a sent in, he could not tell from the picture what was going on with the zippers I had mentioned, and he brought up some red silicone on my bag ( fire caulk ) from a heat exchanger replacement had gotten on the zipper. He proceeded to tell me that would not be covered. I told him that I'm very confused and upset your bringing up something that I didn't even tell you about as being part of the problem. I said that stitching was coming undone on one, and the second one would not move. It seemed like he was trying to get out of that warranty at first because he would not give up on talking about the fire caulk. The fire caulk was not on any spot that I was having issues with or complained about. I felt like he was rude, and or called me at the end of the day when he was all p'd off. You fill out a warranty registration card, and speak with a secretary about the issue your having, so being asked all the same questions all over again is irritating, such as why it was sent in, where did I buy it from, did I register it, what profession are you in ? The biggest issue I had was him telling me he could not see whats wrong from a picture, and then insinuating that I burned me shoulder strap. I never burned that bag or shoulder strap. How is someone gonna be able to relate with you looking at a photo to see what mechanically is not working? Thats like someone taking a picture of a furnace and asking us whats wrong and we reply not sure till I take a look at it in person. Im happy I'm at least getting my bag repaired but the customer service sucks, especially when companies try to get out of the warranty with bogus claims from a picture, and not benefit of the doubt.