My Carrier contracter (and I) recently installed a SYSTXCCITW01 Inifinity Touch Control on my Carrier HVAC. Everything is working well except for the units' ability to "phone home" to the site which would allow remote control. The control can see the (Carrier provided) wireless router TP-Link WR741ND, but it is unable to get outside information (like weather or Myinfinitytouch connectivity.) Our suspicion is that the router has been reset in some way. It appears that Carrier takes a TP-Link router off the shelf and custom configures it for each Infinity Touch Controller. I have double checked all the numbers (e.g. serial number, QSS passcode, model number, MAC address, PIN, etc.) but to no avail. My thought is that there is something amiss with the router. Strangely enough I can surf the web through the router, so at least it can see the web, but for some reason the Control cannot get outside access. (And another strange thing is that if the TP-Link is set up correctly I find it strange that this router is "open to the public", i.e. I did not have to put in any passwords (i.e. WAP2) to get access to the router from my computer.)
Any suggestions?