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Excuse my ignorance on tipping. (and slightly off subject)
If a tip is standard, then is shown on the bill (if not how does a company reconcile its accounts)
Who do you tip? When do you tip?
When a normal tip is given, does go to the person or the house (all the workers).
How much is standard.
As it always been this way, or has happened because everybody knows staff are really badly paid.
(just in case i am in the USA, is it the same in Canada)

It is just wrong that an employee is responsible for a runner, an owner takes the profit, so should also take the loss.

Good on you AS for helping.
Tipping can be a tricky thing. It mainly relies on the generosity of the patron. Whether the wait staff is excellent or terrible, YOU decide how much to tip.

Now, the base tip is generally 10% of the total bill, unless your party is over eight people, than the restaurant will (generally)automatically add an 18% gratuity.

What I do is start my tipping when I walk in the door. If the staff does and excellent job the waiter will get 30% to 40%, they do a terrible job they will get $5 regardless of the total tab. I have four favorite restaurants that I go to on a regular basis. Two of them get tipped extremely well (generally 40% or over) because when I walk in the door, my favorite waitress (If she sees me coming) will order my drink without me asking and bring it to me while I wait for a table. Which usually isn't long, even if there is a line.

Tipping big has it's advantages