Went out for a clean and service allotted time 2 hours, these systems are the worst 16-22 screws/hex screws practically have to take the whole damn thing apart.

The customer diagnosed a bad thermocouple the sensing type on the lid of the firepot, so he requested a new one and the clean and service. So cleaned unit took

quite a while to clean and access flue, then installed part then started packing up as unit started up with red call light on. After 10-15 minutes the system shut

down and the red call light stood on, I then explained to the customer that "this situation is possible thermocouple failure/Thermstat/Module failure" my reasoning

was that thermocouple may not be sensing because not all the way inserted in cover touching tip(this system has the weird super long ceramic cover" , the

thermostat may be sending a signal but intermittenly

dropping out or not sending signal, or the module because everything else is coming on but not the auger to feed. Several possibilities I explained so further

troubleshooting may be needed. This was just a operational/visual diagnosis because I didn't have time to do a line by line check of all of the above components

because the allotted time exceeded and had serveral more appts that were lined up after . I was going to follow up later in the evening if the customer had time.

The customer then explained that "the unit ran fine until you touched it, all that was failed was the thermocouple, you replaced that now it should feed"

It is our store policy that we never I mean almost always never put parts in before a complete system check, this customer said "he knew it was just the-

thermocouple" and then explained that "maybe I didn't put the thermocouple in incorrectly"

Now guys, I am a new tech. Make mistakes everyday and have no ego about being wrong, when your wrong or second guessed there is always the

possiblility you could be wrong but I haven't even got a chance to actually do any troubleshooting yet but my inclinations are that wack anticipator type

thermostat and T-couple cover then will move on from then. Just wanted to get some input have the manual etc but maybe there is some more information that

I don't have that you guys got on this system. Right now the systems I really hate to work on in order are Integra austraflamm pellets stoves, Mt.Vernon AE pellet

inserts, Quadrafire 1100-i pellet inserts. Mainly because of the freaky dissasembling and tight clearances. These engineers/designers need to put service in mind,

why would you encased the back of the unit in a sheet metal box that you know has to be accessed to be serviced yearly? Silicon carbide ignitors are like glass

why wouldn't you put more sturdy components in a system, rather than something that a single fingerprint can cause failure? sorry for the rant you guys have a

cool one.