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    For my fellow HVAC rocket scientist:

    I need a little help with this question?

    What should the temperature be at the location of the cooks working area at a fume hood grill in a cafeteria if the hood and grill is approximately 8’X 2’ in size?

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    more information

    You will need to know the corrected CFM of the exhaust system as well as the amount of makeup air, and is it tempered make up air, what is the surrounding room temp? Too many variables in your question. Oh yeah is the hood properly sized for equipment under it???

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    I have the hood perfuming again but

    The hood is working the way it should. I am looking for an expectable work space temperature for the cook. They say it has been getting too hot Management has installed a pizza maker in front of the space make up air is delivered. (I have solved this problem) I have the ability to adjust the location with make up air temp and seating area set point. I was wondering what a max temperature would be and a minimum temperature would be. With all the equipment they have surrounding the hood I don’t see how they can expect the hood area to be 72degreees for heating and 78 degrees for cooling. Thought I would ask hopping some one had work on this subject before?

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