I know this topic has been a hot one, but need to hear from owners that have a rotobrush.
Does it do the job? I know there's a difference of opinion on the IAQ piece, health, etc...(don't really care about that as we're not taking that angle). Does it clean the dust, dirt and debris typically found in ductwork and does it do it well. We're in the Chicago area and predominantely metal ducts and trunks with a little bit of flex in attics.

We're trying to determine if Rotobrush is the route to go or do we go with Nikro negative air systems. What i like about Rotobrush is that it's self contained. Walk to the job and start cleaning each duct vs. setting up the vacuum, compressor, hoping the day's decent outside, all the assorted attachments, etc. However, if that's the only way to get good clean ducts than that's the what we want.

Please help, need answers as we're trying to make a decision in the next couple days.

Thank You for your feedback!!!!