Posted earlier bout this ice machine. I cleaned condenser, cleaned scale off all water tubes and valves. found a small leak on suction line where insulation had wore off, the water line and suction line were touching each other and vibrations over time did the trick. Gonna re pipe this tomorrow. Customer wants me to look at getting rid R22 in system and going with replacement refrigerant. What is a good drop in replacement for 22 to be used in an ice making capacity? If it was R12 would go with hot shot (r414b) just don't know what to use for this? Was thinking MP44 but what about oil compatibilty issues? Personally I recommended to customer that we just throw 22 back in system after I repipe, reclaim, change dryer, triple evacuate system, then pull to 500 micron vacuum but customer says r22 is expensive and he heard it's environmentally unfriendly and he wants to change out if possible.

I appreciate any advice.