Hello, I'm looking for some solid advice on the best way for me to move forward I. The trade. I know getting a Journeymans License is good to get but what's the difficulties? And should I go for NATE as well? My Info is I'm currently 20 years old. I graduated highschool in may 2010. During 11 & 12th grade I took the HVAC/R 2 year program and passed with A's of course. Before I took the class I started working for a small HVAC/R/ Resturant equip repair company at age 15 in 2007 every summer. I'm still working for the same company. So technically I Diddnt start full time until may 2010 but worked every summer since 07. Currently I'm in the middle of HVAC III at a technical school in my city. Since I took the Hvac program in highschool the tech school jumped me to their Hvac II and I went from there. After HVAC III I can take the mechanical code class and maybe and airflow class. But to get to the point do I qualify yet? I've got over 300 hours of schooling and so many hours of fieldwork. What should I do? Right now I'm lucky enough to drive a truck home, I work on Hvac Equiptment commercial and resid. Nothing over 15 tons. Refrigeration and ice makers often. Exaust systems, anything in a restuarant. Yes I have a lot to learn, and yes I want to move up the ladder. Any suggestions? I'm not spell checking this long message I just typed on my phone. Thanks!