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Wooooooo, hit a nerve have we, i am sure you not suppose to insults me "you should know better!". But I will let you.

Tis good that you love your mum, and that you have given her protection, I did not say it was not.

We do have burglars, and lot ans lots of guns, not many elephants.

Where did i even mention my Island paradise (thanks for calling that, i would not). I may have my head up my Anus, only because it smells somewhat better, than some of the BS spouted on here.

However, i do take it out, and smell the roses, that are around this great world, maybe you should do the same, and look beyond your back yard for yourself.

Take some cranberry juice, i believe it helps, during this time of the month!
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I've owned a SS Security Six for about 30 years. 6" barrel in .357 mag, gunsmith tuned trigger, it's fun to shoot.

A few weeks ago I let my 15 year old niece shoot it and she had a ball. As evening approached the muzzle and cylinder flash was quite impressive.
That is what I have, it is stamped on the side, 357magnum. But they told me at the gunstore it would shoot .38 special rounds which will have less recoil for mom.

I am not at all familiar with these calibers, Is this not correct what I was told.....?

Assuming it is correct, I am now wondering what the real difference is between a 38 and a 357mag. I think I need to get some 357mag rounds too and try them out also. I will say at a side by side comparison, the .38 looks to be about half the powder content of a .45LC .

If anyone can tell me, hoe would you compare the three rounds: .45LC, .38special, .357mag. And is there a .357 non magnum round? A quick internet search did not find any such animal.