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    Bought mom the PERFECT Christmas present!!!!!

    I am excited, I like this thing so much I almost want to keep it for my self and go get her something else. I wont, but that thought has crossed my mind.

    Ruger. .38. 6 inch barrel. Adjustable rear sights. Swing out cylinder like a smith/wesson, also rotates cylinder counter-clockwise like a S/W. Double-action, but the single action draw is pretty tight-- not what we would call a 'hair trigger' but it will do.

    I figure my mom can handle any wild hog or cougar with this, me and my brother are more worried about a home invasion situation and there have been a few in this rural area. Come the 25th, our mom will be packing some serious heat. And she can use it, she was pounding targets with my .45 but the recoil was a little bothersome for her.

    Buying a loved one one a defensive gun for Christmas is one of the best things you can ever do for them. You cannot always be there to protect them, but you can sure help them protect themselves. A caring family member will buy a an unarmed loved one a gun.
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