Hi all

I'm in a dilemma. I'm working in HVAC warranty-related call center doing non-commission sales right now. The pay is not bad but I find it very unfulfilling. What with calling contractors all day to ask if they would like some info (leaving messages 90% of the time).

I find the HVAC field to be very interesting, but alas, I am not good at all with my hands. I can't manipulate an object with any kind of precision which pretty much disqualifies me for standard field work. I would love to stay in the HVAC business and would like if some kind soul could make some suggestions on other ways of getting involved.

Here is what I am good at:
- Excellent with computers and pretty much everything you can do on them. I can even fix a lot problems they have.
- Great people skills, dedicated to getting along with others and treating customers well. Have some experience in de-escalating issues and difficult customers.
- Very knowledgeable when it comes to extended warranties; that means I not only understand how they work, but how they can be very profitable to contractors and how to avoid claim denials.
- Always eager to improve processes, facilitate day-to-day operations and keep the machine well-lubricated, metaphorically-speaking.
- Good marketing skills and writing; limited knowledge of graphic design.
- Not afraid of speaking in public.
- Hard working and very detail-oriented; better do it well now and not have to fix it later.
- Not afraid of getting my hands dirty; as long as it doesn't involve manual precision!
- Basic knowledge of reporting and data, and how to use it.
- Appetite for learning new things, and general ease of learning.

Whether it be on the contractor, wholesale or OEM level I would love to work a more fulfilling job where I feel useful to my employer. Any suggestions on where to start, what to study, who to contact, etc. is hugely appreciated!