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    Cool helping Quad to help you

    Look, I'm not happy with the way this unit turned out or the decisions upper mgt. made which resulted in this mess. However, it would appear from what I've seen from local dealers and from what Blueflame says they are stepping up to the plate to resolve it.

    If I was stuck with such as problem, I would be in personal contact with Quad. Their system tracks units by serial number. Once you contact them, your case doesn't go away. It stays on their radar and questions keep getting asked why this serial number hasn't been cleared away.

    So, instead of sitting around complaining on an internet site and trash talking the mfr. to anyone who will listen I just ask, what have you done to contact them directly? If your car was a mess, would you be satisfied complaining on the internet about your dealer or contacting GM or Ford?

    Even if you have contacted them before, do it again. Remind them you are out there. Tell them the lack of service or communication you are getting from your local dealer. It is times like these that can determine who will be sold product in the future and who will be refused. If a dealer fails to respond properly to a situation such as this, the mfr. may elect not to sell to them anymore. Quad makes many reliable products that a lot of people are mad they cannot get from Quad. If your stove shop drops the ball perhaps he has a competitor who would love to take up the local Quad business.

    The bottom line is communication. When faced with any recall type situation, the squeaking wheel gets the grease. Write them and email them. Always include your serial number as this gets it into their permanent database. It can also move your status to more urgent.


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    Re: Quadrafire response

    Hearthman, You may be living in a dream world of your own imagination. You have a lot of faith in Quad. I really hope you are right. I am a dealer with 3 Mt. Vernon AEs siting in my warehouse that nobody has contacted me on in 2 &1/2 months.They have all been a mess from the beginning. My guess is this
    AE problem has overwhelmed them completely and they are fighting just to keep their heads above water on this one. They may even be drowning! It may be worth contacting them directly to see if they will respond, but this is their standard response - Contact your dealer!!! JunkMtVernon, give them a try - but don't hold your breath waiting for help.

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    Hearthman is right on with his suggestion to communicate directly with the company. I'd suggest that you do a little research to find out who the president or CEO is of the company, and write directly to him, not with a whine or a rant, just detailing concisely what you expected, what you paid, what happened, and how you've been unable to get the matter resolved to date. If all you want to do is raise hell, then don't waste you're time or theirs. But if you have a legitimate problem and you're willing to work with the company to resolve it, you might be pleasantly surprised at the response.

    I have done this a few times myself in the past, including writing a letter to the CEO of the biggest bank in the country when I had an issue I couldn't get resolved at the local level. The response was swift, effective, and impressive, and I'm still a loyal customer of theirs to this day.

    From another point of view, as a tech I often had to listen to customers complaining about one thing or another in reference to the large utility I worked for. I'd truthfully tell them that they were wasting their breath complaining to me, but if they'd take their time to write a letter to the company, they'd be a lot further ahead.

    Not many actually would ever bother to write a letter, but when the company did receive a written complaint that had some validity, that letter would get photo-copied and posted on bulletin boards and circulated throughout the company, and it would have a real effect, believe me.

    Take Hearthman's advice, write to the company, don't waste your time slamming the company on-line, it's not only more effective to write them, it's the decent thing to do IMHO.
    Question authority!

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    If you call technical support @ QUAD and tell them to enter a claim they will. You need the serial number and they will key everything into their claim system. It will get assigned to someone in technical dept (whoever is most suited to resolve the problem). That person will then follow up with your dealer or with the local sales rep. If your dealer is not being helpful they might contact another local dealer and ask them to fix it.

    I work at a dealer myself and we have gotten a couple emails from our sales rep (who got an email from HNG technical) telling us we need to go fix something, and the claim from their system was attached. One of these was over an hour drive away and after three trips down there we got everything resolved. Ended up ripping the fireplace out and re-installing it to code and better insulated the chase to stop cold air problems. Also set all settings on unit (air shutter, pressure, etc) to the correct place to fix flame appearance and heat output. All this was done at no charge to satisfy an unhappy customer.

    Bob: You should be able to do the same thing, with a claim. Since you burned the units I am not sure if quad will take them back, but someone should be able to at least send you repair parts under warranty. I believe the porcelain finish is under warranty for 1 year from mfg defects so if it is bad all over you should send them pics, they should be able to do something about that also. The tech should be able to give you an email addy to send digital pictures.

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    The biggest problem I see with the pellet stove market is that the local distributors DO NOT HAVE QUALIFIED technicians.

    They don't know enough to properly diagnose problems and alert management when a product starts to display BIG problems.

    They also don't seem to have any margin for parts stocking and there is no real plan from the manufacturers to have their parts available. Additionally, it seems much of the componetry is special rather than making some more universal parts/ignition controls.. etc....

    The other thing I don't see is detailed technical manuals on sequence/wiring.

    Personally, I have a Castille that is absolutely trouble free (fan noise is irritating--- it could be quieter) However, I've inquired and there doesn't seem to really be any detailed manuals on the product.

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    Cool Kwalifyed surviss

    Amen, brother!

    Look around at mfr's training materials. Do you see any advanced pellet courses from any of the mfrs? I haven't. Why is this?

    -they have nobody experienced enough to take advanced training
    -this is because they run them off. The hearth industry has a terrible turn around rate with techs.
    -the shop owners and managers are too cheap to send their guys to training
    -advanced training cannot be done in a few hours sitting in a hotel conference room with a Power Point presentation.

    I'll give you an example of a healthy trend. One mfr. who presents NFI courses is done with the presentation by lunch and rely soley on Power Point slides. No personal interaction from the "instructor" is allowed. A real engaging educational experience.... Now, compare this with Dave Pomeroy's Signature Training. Dave presents the same course over two days including some evening work! He has hands on props he incorporates into the program. As for Power Point slides, he uses less than 50 while the official presentation has been whittled down to 385 slides for gas! Can you imagine trying to run through 385 slides in one day? Now invision doing it before lunch!

    Here is an example of what is NOT included in the pellet course from one of the mfrs.:
    -cut aways of each model with a presentation on the airflows in & out.
    - one each of that brand's stoves so you can gather around to see how to open it, how to remove the various panels once it is installed, what fasteners were used, what is would take to replace each part, and where those parts are.
    -wiring schematics. What is 110vac and what is not, if any. How do you test each component? What is a normal expected and acceptable range of impedance for every electrical component and circuit so you can Ohm then out?
    -list of parts common across the various models and which models have a part different from the others. Why was this different part necessary? Include MSRPs.
    -what is an acceptable vacuum in the stove. At what vacuum should the switch close?
    -pics of varous flames showing normal then the effects of high and low feed rates, plugged venting, plugged holes in burn pots, blocked air intake, negative pressure indoors, etc.
    -set of step by step instructions on replacing every single part.
    -what is an acceptable range for vent discharge in temps, CFM, and combustion analysis?
    -what are the cause and effects seen with a combustion analyzer when you have venting issues, negative pressure, blocked air holes, etc. ?

    There's more but you see where I'm going with this. They all leave us hanging to figure it out on our own. Then, when you get an old warhorse of a tech who figures out some of this stuff, he doesn't want to share his knowledge because he feels it is job security. Not a pretty picture. We need to do a much better job of recording this valuable info and sharing it with othes.

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    Mt Vernon problems

    Wow - wish I had found these messages 3 weeks ago - bought a Mt Vernon AE from dealer (Stone Image in Colorado) - installed it - wouldn't work - dealer refused to come out and repair - would only repair if we brought the stove back to him! Called Quadra Fire, they said we had to work with the dealer! We contacted another dealer who helped us troubleshoot the problem - bad power supply - new dealer had power supply and we picked it up and installed it. Now the convection blower is jammed - cleaned out, spins freely, never jammed but stove thinks it is jammed and will not work. Original dealer still will not come out to repair - new dealer will come out for a cost since we didn't buy from them. Quadra Fire still no help - will have to deal with dealer (who won't help). Is it reasonable to expect us to bring our brand new 400 lb stove into the dealer everytime it needs to be repaired??? Asked dealer for a full refund - he refuses!!! Have had a non-working, brand new stove for 1 week and he refuses a refund??? Inform him that he will either give us our money back or we will dispute on credit card - he says we can't do that - watch me!! We have filed a complaint with Quadra Fire, and the Better Business Bureau. Dealer now agrees to a full refund if we will bring the stove to him! Are you kidding me! I don't know who is worse here - the dealer or the manufaturer. I will never purchase anything from Stone Image in Colorado or Quadra Fire again - the worst appliance and customer service I have ever received. Please if you are thinking of buying anything from these companies - don't!!!!!!!!! Obvioulsy the problems are continuing!

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    jtp, im looking forward to the new AE as well, but i stand by my golden rule of never carrying a pellet stove the first season it was introduced, sometimes i wait two seasons. This year that saved my butt. The new AE is going to be fantastic once the bugs are worked out, i have never seen anything like it on the market but I refuse to be the manufactures R&D department.

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    Post My Last Post (for now)

    First, thanks to everyone who provided quality insight and patiently answered my questions about my AE stove. I can't easily say how valuable it has been.

    With that said, having now had the AE in my home for about 3 weeks, here are my final offerings for those considering the purchase of the AE.


    Puts out a lot of heat. Great looking. Love the automated features. Quad has been pretty responsive to my few issues, probably because they have had about 9 months to work on the issues and obtain inventory of updated parts (see below about updated thermostat and C1 Board - A must!)


    Don't exactly have to strain to hear it as advertised by Quad. Does this mean that it is not the one of the quietest pellet stoves out there? No, I think it is. Just air blowing through something inherently makes noise (bathroom fans, oven convection fans, blowing through a straw).


    1) AE Works very well after updated thermostat (you can tell if you have updated thermostat if it has a calibration feature under "user settings") AND C1 controller board. If you don't have both, get your dealer to get these for you. In my opinion they are essential to a well working stove.

    2) I burn nothing but pellets. Can't say anything about other fuels. I believe if you burn other fuels you may want to get more input.

    3) Beware of posts from those with alterior motives or who are just angry folks. IMHO you can distinghuish these posts from other problem solving/seeking posts or somewhat objective criticisms by what appears to be a rant.

    4) I believe most of those who are buying the AE now who are not being satisfied likely should focus their frustration on their dealer. Quad, for me, has been relatively responsive in addressing my few problems.

    5) The smell will go away. Everyone said it would and it did.

    I wish you all luck and thank you again for helping my wife and I through this process.


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    Quadrafire Mt. Vernon Safe to buy now?

    Just briefly, I bought a home two years ago that has only base board heat. Got killed ($700-$1,000 per month) by the electric bill. The local electric supplier has raised rates this year to top it off.

    I want to get the most efficient heating system availible that makes sense for my home sq ft and layout. I believe that is the Mt. Vernon unit. However if it is still having problems like this thread shows then I dont want it.

    Also, if there have been design improvements made, how do I know that the one Im getting is current. Is there a way to tell by looking at it when I pick it up?

    Im looking for an update to this thread.


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    Mt. Vernon does it for me.

    I've had this stove for about 7 months. Had a few complaints early on, but have had few since. Family and I really enjoy the unit and the heat is pretty cheap. May want to check around some more if you are not going to be using pellets though.

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    Thermostat failure

    Thanks for your input. I went to the local dealer with the intension of purchasing the unit. I noticed that the thermostat on the display unit was "on the blink". The little screen was lit but not readible. The salesman said he didnt know why and that it worked yesterday.

    That was it for me, as hard as it was even after this I still wanted it, I left without making the purchase.

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    You might look at the label on the box. It will have a s/n and a date. The company can also run the s/n and get date of manufacture.

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