Just wanted to share my story with anyone considering this stove. I purchased this model at end of year clearance sale in April of 07. The dealer I purchased it from was also selling Harmans. I ultimately decided to go with the QF because of its advanced features and ability to burn numerous fuels. Over the past year and a half I had experienced a lot of problems with the stove myself. Never really thought much of any of the problems as this was my first pellet stove. I thought perhaps this was normal. Further, customer service from QF and my dealer has been excellent! They were very responsive and worked around my scheduled. I had a dealer tech working at my house no less then 4 time last winter. The last visit they brought QF regional rep along with them. However, every problem that has been described in this forum has happened to my stove. I have experienced Ash Pan Fires (About a dozen times) My entire house top to bottom is covered in shoot(Furniture window blinds, walls and carpets),had problem with pellets not igniting properly, fan blower failed once and was replaced, blower became loud (fixed with updated motherboard). I have also received all the newest updates (new mother board and wall unit) . Thought they had worked out all the problem and I would be smooth sailing this year. However when I went to go fire it up this past weekend I noticed the cast iron cover inside stove appeared to have had stress fractures (Its Solid Iron). I called the dealer yesterday and they stopped me mid sentence, apparently this was another common problem that others complained about last year. Told me to stop in the store and they would replace no problem. Also told me it would not be a problem to run it in the meantime as it was not a safety concern. So when I finally fired it up it worked for one cycle. When it shut down for its first auto clean it never restarted. I received a vacuum SW error message on my wall unit. First time this has happened but I see now many others have already received this error as well. I sought out this forum to see if any others were experiencing the similar problems. Guess I have found the answer. So just wanted to warn those who are in the market for a new stove and considering this model. The manufacturer seems to be reputable and as I stated the customer service has been excellent. But they clearly have not worked out all the bugs on this particular product. Its a shame because I like the concept of what it should be when it works properly. However in the year and a half I have owned it it has not worked problems for a single day. Further, I am a bit more concerned over the ash pan fires now then I was previously. My dealer had assured me last year that it was perfectly safe and that the fire would be contained within tthe stove. However after reading several other reviews I am now much more concerned. Saving a little money on heating my home is not Worth losing loved ones over in a house fire. Thats my biggest fear. I think I am going to unplug the unit for good now and see what can be done about getting the unit replaced with another model or getting my money. I will be using my propane furnace until then.