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    plowjockey: dirtier fuels give more clinkers. Try burning straight pellets and you should notice you have to clean it manually a lot less. You could try calling technical support and ask if what you are experiencing is normal.

    apm: Pellet stoves are new to a lot of people. Many dealers including the one I work for did not really start selling them until the huge commotion last year. Right now I am the only person there who really knows how to work on them. Each call I get I am going with the service person and basically training them on site on how they operate and how to troubleshoot. You send a guy out that's worked on direct vent gas fireplaces for 5 years and all those wires and stuff going all over the place in a pellet is a little scary. As we have said before on this forum, buying the latest and greatest technology is not different in fireplaces than in any other industry.

    I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu, with the new body style (they changed halfway though the year). The power steering light kept coming on during a drive back home from a vacation and each time it would the power steering was gone. We stopped at the next town and found a dealer. They popped the hood open and were totally baffled.... where is the power steering pump / fluid. We sat there for like 20 minutes while they figured out what the heck was going on. They came back and said our car has a new technology, electronic power steering with wires and pulleys, no pump or fluid. They had never worked on it before and had no clue what to do. Whoever they called said it would be fine to drive it home like that and we could take it to a dealer at home. Turned out there was actually a recall on some sensor in the power steering system so we got that done and it fixed the problem.

    Also if you heard about this... think back to XBOX 360. Didn't they have all sorts of problems with it over heating?

    My point is, every time something new comes out it takes at least one revision to work all the bugs out. Unfortunately the consumers end up being a giant test lab. They test the things as extensively as they can but nothing compares to real world testing.
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