Deja Vue all over again!

Since installation of the stove on 11/11/06, the stove has only worked 8 out of the 18 days and is now once again not working.

It stopped working on Sunday (11/26/06) with the "Conv Blower Jammed" error on the display.

Contacted the dealer, early Monday morning with information as to error. Dealer contacted Quadra-Fire as soon as they could get through to them on the phone, then called me back saying the parts (blower and wiring harness) will be shipped "Next Day" to them for installation.

Well now it is Tuesday. At noon, I checked with dealer to see if they did indeed receive the parts. No, they did not receive any of the parts. At the latest, these parts should have been received and installed the next day!!!

I called Quadra-Fire to get information as to when I could expect the parts to arrive. They refused to give me any information, saying I will need to contact the dealer. Expressed my disappointment with their (Quadra-Fire) service. They gave me a case number and said they will check it out. I presume this may be something like the question I had previously posted on Quadra-Fire's web site and didn't get an answer back till 7 days later. This is not at all expectable. Very poooooor service to consumers or to me anyway.

I am getting very concerned for when and if I have any problems with the stove a year from now. Will they be giving me this same support? This was a new stove and has been in service for only 18 days, but has only worked 8 out of these 18 days and is not working at this time.

Could it be that I got a lemon?

Well, this is the final straw. I am not going to fix this baby this time. If the stove is not working when I get home from work tomorrow evening, it will be removed and set outside.

This is a great looking stove and when it is working, it does produce heat and dumps the ashes. But, at this time, I really would not recommend this stove to anyone.