Hey guys, this is my first post so il try to include as much info as I can or available to me.

I've been working with a Super Market Chain for about a year now, I'm the only in house Tech servicing 9 stores in the Southern California area. So far I've managed it, for the most part. Lately, I've been getting a lot of complaints that self-service or Multi-deck meat cases are sweating(on the inside of the case, mostly top panel) and usually I'd see this happen during defrost. But cases are not in defrost and continue to sweat. Conditions are as follows;
Outside temp and humidity, 61, 88%
Store temp and humidity, 68, 65%
Case set point, 32degress, 2 degree differential
Defrost times, 10am, 3pm, 10pm, 3am, 40minutes each.

Cases are either Hussmann or Arneg, don't have model numbers yet. Will try to add ASAP. Although humidity is high, I've noticed this also happened this past summer, when conditions were dry. So now, I'm stuck scratching my head. I only have about a year and couple months experience in mostly commercial. I've done residential calls for co-workers and corporate employees. So most of my experience has been commercial. For this case we use a Danfoss controller and case temps, defrost ect. Are controlled by this controller. This is the only store with a Danfoss system. Other stores are using Emerson Einstein 2 RX.

That's all the info I have and thought of, if any extra info is needed just let me know. I'm doing maintenance work all day today at one of the stores, so il try to reply In a timely manner.

Thanks for the help