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    Whats the model and serial numbers and have you verified 24 volts between W and C? Also if it has an LED, what diagnostic code does it give? I wouldn't jump anything out until I verified what code is being given and that proper call for heat is being received at the board terminals.

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    Pull the blower and inspect the heat exchanger on any 58PAV you come across - there's a good chance you needn't go any further.

    Most of the time you don't even need a mirror to find the cracks, only to get a better look and verify. Front of cells, 2nd bend upward, right at the dimple. I've found five or six so far and it's not even December 1 yet.

    Otherwise, this is a very simple furnace and easy to trouble shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeblo View Post
    If you jumper R to G and the fan switch on the thermostat is in the auto position the A/C cond will come on, this is normal. Disconnect the Y when doing this. The relay on the circuit board that turns the blower on is one of the most common failures I have seen with circuit board.
    Usually taking the form of the back of the circuit board being charred crispy under the relay. I think I've already replaced about a dozen BBQ'd single-stage Carrier circuit boards this month.

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