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    Lennox SLP98V and ComfortSense 7000

    I recently had an SLP98V installed along with this thermostat. I chose not to have the WiFi iComfort, figuring a wired thermostat would have the same functionality anyway. I'm happy with the performance of the furnace, except when it begins to reheat in the morning. Most of the time, I really can't tell that it's on, and the temperature is held quite steady. But in the morning, it's clearly at 100% and it feels just the same as the old single stage. A bit quieter, but still the blast of very warm air.

    The installer recommended I just set 1 temperature to have 24/7. This really wasn't working--too hot at night, not warm enough in the evening, heating when nobody is home, etc. So I made a schedule, and it works for the most part, except, as I said, in the morning. I have the overnight temperature set at 68, and have wakeup (6:30) set to 72. I would like to drop it further at night (and probably lower the morning temp a bit as well), but wanted to first see how this small delta worked out. I don't consider a 4 degree rise to be very demanding, but apparently it is. Also, the heat is coming on AT 6:30, not reaching the set temperature BY 6:30, which is what I thought was half the point of a programmable thermostat (previously had a pretty basic one with my old furnace, and it behaved just like I am describing; I thought there would be some progress...).

    My question is, will this thermostat learn to bring the temperature up slowly and quietly before I wake up? If so, when? or did I make a mistake in not getting the newer iComfort tstat? I read the furnace manual, and apparently it can work with any type of thermostat, but single and 2 stage thermostats limit the functionality and restrict the stages of the furnace (stages? I thought it was variable...). Is that what is going on here? Figured I would ask here before scheduling a service call for something that may (hopefully) work itself out.

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    for clarification, the WiFi stat is NOT wireless! this refers to the fact you can access it via the internet. the iComfort uses minimal wires, 4 from the thermostat in the living area to connect to the furnace control board.

    as for staging, it can be staged or variable. this depends on the thermostat, configuration of the stat and control board.

    there is learning involved and some settings that may need adjustment. the stat can be configured to come on at a given time then come up to the temp OR come to temp by the time.

    as for one temp and leave it, not on a gas unit. you are correct in that the purpose is kind of defeated in the new unit versus the old one.

    as for the amount of set back, there is too much of one that defeats the savings. also, depending on the settings, the difference will activate the unit in a higher stage to come to temp quicker.

    It sounds like there may be some communication issues between you and the installer. I would think you would still be within the warranty period and any calls would be included. I would definitely have them come out and write down your questions so as to not forget any.
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    Call your installing dealer and have them enable SSR (Smooth Setback Recovery) on your thermostat. This will let the unit come up to temp by set time. They can also enable the SSR STG2 LOCK OUT. This is a variable timer from 20-120 mins that locks out the W2 call that is running your furnace on high stage during the wake up period.

    The only downside I have seen from this setup is that the lockout time in November may not match the lockout time in January. The 7000 will overcome this based on history but will "lag" behind or ahead sometimes.

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