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Simply stated he's for his own country and that could be a country that redefines the definition of country. His country is where ever he believes it is. And his country is centered around him with people who are fool enough to follow him without question..just as is happening for the past 4 years.

He has redifined what we know as a President or the US. The difference is many of us still believe in our Presidency as he goes on his merry way acting as a dictator.

The US is not to be on top anymore. To be on top means to be a healthy leader of the world providing not only safety for all those being bullied but also to provide the leading edges in humanity, engineering and all the other factors that have made this country great..and that especially centers around bring out the best in people.

This country has gone to the top and stayed there because of our founding principals of life and our form of a self checking government balanced by the fact that the average person has a vote in how we operate.

We should not be competing with other countries. We should be leading in the world, as we have for years, since we are the only body of earth on this earth that has created and stayed sted fast to the principals of "We the People" as the foremost importance of our land.

Now it's become obama's statement of "Welcome to America. I own it".
Pretty good analogy there Delta... I would suggest one thing:

BHO wants to be worshipped... that is his goal. And BHO's country (what he is trying to make America into) is a 3rd world banana dictatorship.
Now do we really want to allow that... or do we want to go back to the principles of the Constitution and rebuild this wonderful country to its former glory?
Following BHO means being poor and destitute under a tyrant leader... Following the Constitution means rolling up one's sleeves and making a life for oneself... under a FREE system.

So which one sounds like a better way?