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    New home owner, trying to get fireplace to work. All help is greatly appreciated

    So we purchased our home and I am going to try to get the fireplace to start. We have a older model Heat N Glo 6000 GDV model.

    Here is my situation - Firstly, thank God there is a forum like this

    1. Fireplace gas is on and running
    2. I have a wall switch
    3. Toggle On/Off switch behind the louver
    4. A remote box installed. Model Heat N Glo RCH-09a. But the remote is nowhere to be found.

    So I was able to get the pilot to light last night and it stayed lit. Now I am completely new to this but am good and learning and fixing things. Now before I go too far, I got the pilot to light but never noticed there was a ON so I never turned it to on which is why I believe I could never get the main unit to come on.


    My question is with the fireplace set to use a remote and it is lost, is there a way to go back to running it without. I just want to make sure it will ignite manually and that the thermopile is not out.

    Here is what the setup looks like. So I am trying to see if I can remove the remote box but I don't know if I need to connect the 2 red wires from the ON/OFF toggle switch to the igniter RH and TP/RH. I just feel like the fireplace will not start without the remote so I want to remove the remote all together. Then once I know its working, I will go get a new remote.
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