Hello everyone,
I have a new model of TIFZX leak detector (with horizontal lights) and I only used it twice for testing purposes. Recently the pump inside started to be really noisy and I opened the device to check if there is any problem like blockage or lubrication. I Found out that the pump is not balanced or aligned well in the device and that causes the pump to be noisy but I couldn't fix it yet just confirmed that by pressing the pump a bit. Anyhow, I know that there are two models of TIFZX, old one is names TIFZX-1 and it is smooth with vertical lights and new one TIFZX with horizontal lights. I wanted to buy the old one which I think would be more reliable and found many great deals for great condition TIFZX-1 on ebay but the problem is that they have old probe tips. I have like 3 replacement sensors so it is not a problem to replace one if case it is gone bad because both models use the same sensor as far as I know but I searched for the old tip and it got different filters. Is it easy to change the old tip model and install the new filter and tip on the same probe or I have to buy new probe with tip? I attached few pictures for clarification. Thanks
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