Hi everyone. I am really glad that I joined this forum as I have been following on many post related to HVAC equipment and tools which really helped me a lot. I am trying to learn about A/C system in general and to be more specific want to know more about automotive A/C. I did not see an institute which teaches HVAC in UAE so I try to learn by myself and also through my dad who owns a workshop for repairing automotive A/C. There are many new equipment which are not availalbe in UAE such as new refrigerant leak detectors, digital micron gauge, hydraulic crimping and flaring tools and new vacuum pumps. I search on ebay and amazon and order most stuff from US directly there and make sure to have spare parts because I can't service tools here in UAE
I would hopefully finish my master degree in electrical engineering and then learn more about HVAC . Also I hope I would be an active member in this great community