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I have a Fluke 87, Fluke 289, and a Fluke 902. The 902 rides in the tool box so it sees a lot of abuse and use. I have had no trouble with it and only get out one of the other 2 if if need a more exact reading, which does happen.

Normally I would agree with everyone about buying the best meter you can afford but would like to throw out some things for you to think about. CAn you afford to buy 2- $300 meters. Reason I ask is starting out if you have the meter on the wrong setting and blow it up can you afford to replace it for learning purposes. 2nd, I understand you are still in school. What if you get into the field and hate it? Personally I can't imagine why but something else for you to think about. Tools are always a tough decision, lots of options, brands, features, etc. do your homework and don't just rely or he said. Good luck with the career.
I agree. You can get a used sc77 on fleabay for $50 or so, if you like it, great. If you don't it will make a nice spare or home meter.