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    since i got my new phone

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    the first 5 are this messed up install at a 12 year old building complex we service only for a few years, i guess i was the first one to notice that the draft was positive and vented out the side with that "powerventer" the paper was left behind for it and it say in bold letter NOT FOR SIDEWALL VENTILATION, i told by boss and he said that we cant really sell them on a new chimney because we gave them a contract, needless to say i was not the inspector for this contract. im scared to even go up there now. the boiler speaks for itself and the last is what i got out of burners on a gas p/m

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    Looks like single wall furnace pipe to me. That is a code violation. Your boss should tell the owner about this. If your company did not install this I don't see why he won't tell the owner. Service contracts usually don't include correcting a bad install at the agreed on maintenance price. I wonder why the installer thought he needed another powerventer? The furnace has a combustion blower on it.

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    that motor on the furnace is to draw the inshot burners in the heat exchanger. the pipe is actually natural draft. A lot of people get confused by this. They are not designed for side wall venting.

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    Aftermarket power vents are legal to sell but not legal to install unless approved by the appliance mfr, use venting listed to UL 1738 only and route and terminate the vent according to the code and listed instructions.

    Companies MUST inspect ALL installations first before writing service agreements and they must use a QUALIFIED inspector. In these cases, the company ate the liability. They should not have touched these illegally vented units and walked away if the client refused to pay for correcting them.

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    Heartman is 100% right. I would have red tagged these venting issue and shut the gas off till fixed. You need a new inspector sounds like a salesman to me not an inspector

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