Got a job that we are replacing a AHU. It's for a big salon. CV AHU that has reheats with old Barber Coleman stats. The AHU has an old XL50 that only controlled Occ and UnOcc. It has never worked right. The staff has just let the AHU run in occ all the time and they constantly adjust the DA spt. And in the summer shut down the Reheats.

So we are replacing the air handler. I'm going to throw a Sypder on it for some better control. I'm thinking a simple space sensor to control cooling and reset discharge air based on return temps. Setup electric heat to handle MWU and unocc heating.

Or should I just reset the discharge air based on OA.

The only time I have dealt with CV with reheat control is labs and OR's, so it's alot easier to control.