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    Bryant 2 Ton heat pump, thermostat question

    I have a 2 ton Bryant Heat Pump. It is usually 40-50 F at night outside. The room temp on thermostat measures 68. At night I set it to 69-70F . When I do this the air blowing out is not as warm as it should be(it is around 74-75F) and this makes my heater just run for a long time until it sets it to 70F. However, when i set the thermostat to like 74F I notice the thermostat says +1( i guess for aux heat) and air blowing out goes to like 87F. But then it will runs until it reaches around 70-71F and just puts out that cooler air (74F ) and just run for a long time. my thermostat is near the door and there arnt any vents near the themostat so takes forever to warm down if the air blowin is just 74F.

    Whats the problem? does it cost more to where it just runs for long time vs. when thermostat decides to turn on aux heat at random?

    Another problem, say the room temp is 69F, and I set the thermostat to 70F, theres only that warm cool(74-75F) air that comes out and it just runs a much longer time. how can i solve this? should i get new thermostat

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    You are correct about the aux. heat coming on and making the air warmer. It sounds like you have a problem with your heat pump and should have it looked at by a professional. If the heat pump is not working correctly it will be more costly to operate and if let go to long may cause other problems and become more costly to repair. You can switch the thermostat to emer., or aux. heat until you get it looked at to prevent the heat pump from operating, this will cause it to operate only on the aux heat.
    Good luck and stay warm.

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    The heat pump should be putting out more heat than 74F it should be more like ~90-95 just heat pump and 105-115 with aux and heat pump. You need to get your heat pump serviced ASAP.

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    call for service or your bill is going to be huge
    Stuff happens

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