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    Honeywell Trueclean vs Trane Clean Effects air cleaners in Trane XL20i

    Home is 2050 Sq. Ft. single story frame in Tampa, FL 33617. Replacing 16 yr old Lennox. Some modification to ductwork to increase flow to one side of L shape. I I am 74 with chronic coronary artery problems including surgery in 1998. More and more thinking air quality is vital. Wife is 72 in good health and both are retired. House is rarely empty.

    System proposed(after much discussion):
    Trane XL20i Heatpump
    Thermostat TCONT900
    Air Cleaner Honeywell TrueCLean

    Which of the two air cleaners(Honeywell TrueClean or Trane Cleaneffects or perhaps another would be best?)

    Any recommendations on thermostat?

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    The difference between a good quality media style filter (AirBear style with MERV 11 element) and a hybrid electronic filter is not that much... I would do some research to determine if you NEED the nicer filter.

    Having said that: The Trane is proprietary and even Trane folks have to pay big bucks for parts.
    The Honeywell has an EXPENSIVE cartridge that one changes, probably, 2x per year in your application/climate. Cartridge is close to a 'C' note.

    My co installs the media style filters on almost all jobs... only the fancy one when there is a true need.

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    I would go with the Clean Effects. We are a Trane Dealer in Oregon and install a lot of XL20i systems and the Clean Effects will work much better with your communicating system. As mentioned the cost of a replacement filter which needs to be done 1-2 times per year is about 5-10% of the cost of the air filter system installed while the Trane Clean effects just needs cleaning and does not require you to purchase new filters. If you are worried about breakdowns you can purchase up to a 12 year parts and 12 year labor warranty on your XL20i and air handler and up to a 10 year parts and 10 year labor warranty on your Trane Clean Effects.

    Another issue though, you have a TAM7 air handler listed, this does not work with a TCONT 900, a TCONT 900 only works with a TAM8 air handler which is a communicating system, the TAM7 is not a communicating air handler. I also show that a TAM8A0C48V41 is a more efficient match than the air handler you listed. To get full benefits of the two compressor XL20i the TAM8 with a TCONT 900 or XL950 thermostat is required.
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    Thanks for the help. I am now researching further and plan to have a serious discussion with the contractors when I finish. I viewed your videos which are very helpful. I have decided on the Cleaneffects and am now looking at TAM7 vs TAM8. Need to find out cost factors as well. I always want the best technology in my computers,cars, entertainment gear and now this. Unfortunately, I can't always afford what I like the best. Everything is trade-offs. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for your help. I looked at media filters but I prefer electronic. I have decided on the cleaneffect filter that does not have the expensive filter, btw thanks for the approximate price, but of course does require cleaning.

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