I would buy "Made in the USA" if it was good quality. I hate being almost forced to buy cheap quality. Good made in USA cookware would work for me. I loved the great quality Japanese stereo gear of the 1970s and early 80's, but it was expensive even back then. Good ham radio gear isn't available in the USA just as TV's and so many electronic items aren't. Do they still make the Simpson 260 multimeter in the USA? I heard Tektronix has just about gone out of business making O'scopes. When I got out of school in 1985 (electronics tech), they were the top of the line. I remember when Cincinnati Millicron made the best lathes and punch presses in the world. Now they are gone.

Yes I would buy made in the USA if it was good quality. It would have to be better than cheap Chinese garbage even if it cost more. I wouldn't buy "Made in the USA" just because it was made in the USA. It would have to be significantly better than Chinese garbage. But I've been told I'm not your typical American. Real estate agents have told me clients don't care if a house has good plywood sub flooring or if it is press board. They say clients don't care if the 2 X 4's are finger joint 2 X 4's or regular 2 X 4's. They just want to know what their square footage will be and what the cost is. Most people are your big box stores don't care about the quality of stereo gear or how good of a picture a TV has. They just want to know how cheap they can get a 40" flat screen, and the quality of the picture is secondary. How many people are like me? I don't know. How many people are just bottom-line zombie consumers? Well a lot, but not all.