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    Came home from work to find the front door wide open, I cautiously walked inside to find my TV, xbox, and wife's laptop missing. Amazingly the dog was still in the house.

    Those three things added up to roughly 1700 bucks.... I know that's a drop in the bucket for most of you guys, but to a people that live paycheck to paycheck it's kinda rough.

    I was calm and cool till the wife came home I want to shoot someone....and the local authorities are idiots....sad to say cause my uncle is sheriff's deputy.

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    That sucks, with a break in its more about the loss of feeling secure in your home than the items stolen. Hope they find the punk/s that did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtrammel View Post
    That sucks, with a break in its more about the loss of feeling secure in your home than the items stolen. Hope they find the punk/s that did it.'s totally about the loss of security. Things are replaceable....luckily the wife was at work...honestly I was mostly worried about the dog.

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    Sorry to hear that AStudent. That is a lot of money to a guy like me, and those items would be hard to replace. Neighbors didn't see anything? Do you live in an apartment? I know that sometimes people will knock on my door just to see if anybody is home and to have a look inside my place to see what I've got. I live in an apartment, and people seem to be getting more desperate. If the cops aren't going to do anything, then you need to give it over to God and let Him settle the score. And believe me, He knows how to settle the score. Believe me He does.

    It's probably druggies needing that next hit. I think that is what makes people desperate enough to do stuff like this. Or, it might just be somebody that thinks they can get away with it forever. But the thing is, these guys always get caught. They either completely stop what they are doing, or they get caught. It's just tough that sometimes one person can rob 50 to 100 homes before they get caught. I write to people in prison, and they do get caught.

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    The wife losing a sense of Security would be a deal breaker for me. We would have to move. That sucks sorry to hear about your losses? Do you have any insurance?

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    This happened to me once also. I've always lived out in the country to hopefully avoid big city crime (and I can't afford to have a house and shop in town). My home was far off the road and to access it you had to go thru a sometimes locked gate...only one way in and out. I got lazy and didn't lock the gate and when I got back from the store we had been robbed. They stayed out of the shop where they could have really made a haul and took the usual stuff and rifled thru the drawers and closets.

    As you say, the hardest part was worrying about my wife's security and small son since I worked alot of OT and often was not home until well after dark. We invested in an automatic gate opener with a locking device, got a German Shepard and the wife finally WANTED to learn how to use the shotgun and pistol.

    To me the sad part would be that if they ever caught the person(s) responsible, no real punishment would have been given, maybe a day or two in the county jail and probation.

    As one who's been there, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your wife.
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    That's a bummer there A. Over the years I have had my dirt bike stolen twice, personal car stolen once, personal cars broke into 3 times, work truck stolen twice. While not the same as a house break in, I can relate to the feeling of being violated. Good luck to you and the wife.
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    the problem with being secure, is you MUST be religious about it.

    I had my truck broken into at 3am, WITH THE ALARM ON, they stole my tool bag and a DeWalt " hammer drill. Cost me $1800. The insurance company was just a big a thief as the bad guys. They depreciated a 20 year old Craftsman screwdriver~~~seriously???? wtf?

    The Bad Guys (BG) broke the side window, reached in and opened the door, grabbed the bag and (boxed) drill and were gone in less than 30 seconds.

    It takes the alarm 5 seconds to go off, it takes a human about 30-45 seconds to wake, another 20-30 seconds to realize there is a problem, go check it out, THEN call police. The police were at my home within 5 minutes. We figure the BG were gone in less than 20 seconds

    I now have wire mesh screens on the windows and "Ghetto Puck" locks on the doors. and I still have the alarm.

    I told the cops, "Had I caught them I would have blown there heads off" the cops said, "well, they'll be easier to hand cuff that way"

    a Thief's only real enemy is time. The longer he/she is on site, the better chance he will get caught or killed.

    Good luck, sorry this happened, but it's only "stuff"

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