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    Trane CVHE LON Info

    Anyone have a file that says what all the points are? I have nvi#'s and nvo#'s but cannot find a description to verify each.
    It's a CVHE-320 according to the prints.
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    Email send to address in profile.
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    Here's all the info I can pull:
    1 (switch), Chiller Ena
    2 (AI temp), Cool Setpt
    5 (%), Capacity Limit
    6 (HVAC Mode), Mode
    7 (AI invalid), Heat Stpt
    21 (AI invalid),BaseLdgSetpt
    22 (switch) BaseLdgReg
    3 (switch), OnOff
    4 (temp), ActiveSetpt
    8-9 (%), ActualCap, CapLim
    10-13 (AI temp), LvgChW, EntChW, EntCndW, LvgCndW
    14 (string output), AlarmDescr
    15 (chlr status), ChillerStat
    23-24 (state), StatusOutputs, CprsrsRunning
    25-28 (switch) EvapWtrPum, EvapWtrFlow, CondWtrPump, CondWtrFlow
    29-30, 32-33, 37, 41, 49, 51 (AI invalid) Flow rates, SecTemps, Refrig Temps, Oil Temps
    31 (%) ActiveBLSetpt
    34-35, 38-39, 44-47 (AI in water) Refrig Press
    36, 40, 48, 50 (AI temp) EvapRfgtTempC1, CondRfgtTempC1, OilTempA, DischTempA
    58 (AI btu/hr) Unit Power
    Granted some of the values I could likely guess correctly, but I'd rather just know for sure.
    *Never mind, I just found it in NL220. Weird the front end doesn't pull the point details in...
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    On the Chiller I interfaced with, the chiller enable needed to be commanded to 0% to stop and 100% to start. Setting up as a binary did not work. This chiller had a UC800 display.

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    All the Trane binarys are a 2 part SNVT. they require a true/false and also a %. You could write the % to 100 all the time and switch the binary on/off and it would accomplish the task.

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