Frigidaire Residential side by side FRS26HF7

It's back from 2002 but has worked perfectly until a few months ago. The fridge is in my garage and I use it to hold drinks to grab before hitting the field.

Here's the knogg'n scratcher...

Compressor died, open windings but no burn out, acid test was negative. So, I replaced the compressor as I just hated to get rid of my old buddy. Matched the compressor, pulled the spun filter and installed. Pulled a long vacuum, no leaks... got back to it the next day. Charged the system with 5.25 oz of 134a and off she went.

Two days later it went back out... compressor hot. Nothing of real value inside so I let it go a few days unplugged and got back to it on the weekend.

Pulled the spun drier off and blew out the system with a few good shots of nitrogen back flushing from the suction line with an open cap tube. Got a little oil out of the system but that's about all that was on the paper towel I used to catch any gunk that may be in there. Then I installed a CAPT-032S, pulled another good vacuum and adjusted the charge. This time I used the same factory charge but knew it needed more about 9 oz and let is settle to about 9 pounds suction side, 120 high. Before I added refrigerant, due to the new drier, it was -10 low and 80 high.

Well, it's been running fine for several months but....

It turned into a Popcorn machine !!!!

There is no rhyme or reason, no pattern to it at all. It sounds just like the last minute of a popcorn microwave bag... Most of the time when it cools it is silent as a ghost. Sometimes there is a slight knock in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator side rear. Other times it makes this Popcorn maker sound for 5 or 6 minutes fairly loud then it goes away as quickly as it started.

OK... scratch yer knogg'n and tell me what the heck this is.

Nope... it's coming from the refrig side not the freezer side so it's not a gear on the ice maker.

This ought to be good....