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It's amazing how much of an investment has been made to get the Valve Core Gripper off the ground. Im not in the green yet but I am climbing out of the hole. All the profit I make I reinvest back into the tool. Currently working on the drawings to get a production run of the Enviro-Gripper going. Hope to get it out by the end of the year. Between my job and chasing my dreams I'm working 24hrs a day! Whats your question zartangreen?
Sorry for delay been working my other Job which is Cha$ing my money,, 2 Many questions for Public,, nothing like a Hand shake. But my 1 question is are u prepared for the hvac expo in nyc next year. I heard U wont have no problems with the Booth location. I was actually at chicago last year and I was treated well. So I would like 2 do the same. I dont know who is Miguel Jordan is and i know i can find a tigers in the woods. I pass a rod to my helper Alex.
People like You are the one's that make the world go round.. Maybe we can share a booth either way I will open many doors if u just answer a few questions,,
I have a clan of Union carpenters so dont worry about that javits center Lock. Open 4 U. I swear I thought of groupon years a go. And knew FacBuoK was dangerous.
I also have vendors ask me for favors,, Nothing shady just the outcome of being good 2 people for no motive.