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Thread: Aire serv?

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    Franchising would be good if you need direction, especially if you're technically/mechanically inclined but need management/logistical help.

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    Aire Serv is indeed apparently for folks that want to excel at the business side from what I gather. I would be willing to bet that there are alot of franchisees accross the country that had great businesses already but saw the future in being a part of a national brand for equity purposes. Perhaps they wanted to protect what they had by that differentiation. When I went to the parent web site, I think it was, I found out that the franchise is part of a much larger group of franchises like the Mr Rooter that was mentioned in a previous post in this thread. Seems like alot of experience there to at least be worthy of a look see. No one can know or be an expert at everything.

    Has anyone else looked deep enough to visit them in the recent past?

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    Like I said its a no brainer. That's what I did. I sat through the whole day with HVAC folks, plumbers and electricians, and some glass companies sitting right next to me in the same room. I was expecting to hear the old time-share, make me sign up at the end of the day routine, but it never happened. That was a surprise. But I was even more blown away by how far off on the business side I was. I took some things back that I learned there, that work, but who has time to do half the stuff they do. I didn't end up having the funds to invest then and the way things ae going I might not ever. Worse case, I learned. Oh yeah, make sure they are serving the barbeque that day.

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    Soloman you never signed with Aire Serv ?

    I know from others in the industry that without Aire Serv I may not be in business. My commercial side is gone from slow pay to no pay.
    Aire Serv of SW Connecticut- Gas heat, dual fuel and central a/c systems installed and serviced

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    Air Serve just contacted my company I just started 3 months ago. Nathan is going to call me Monday, I wasn't sure what his assistant was talking about over the phone, until I looked up the website. I am not sure if a new company like myself should consider jumping into a franchise or just continue slowly making a name for myself and build my company the old fashion way.

    I am wondering if this is just another company like "one hour heating and air" air time 500 or whatever they call themselves. I use to work with them and they are in my city and charge alot of money, they try to convice people to replace equipement after 8 years telling them about all the money they will save on energy.

    from what I read around the net franchise fees are about 17K

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