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Thread: Aire serv?

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    anyone heard of the franchise aire serv?
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    I know a few of their franchisees. Amazing really the difference a real system apparently makes. That and the coaching they get from what I gathered.

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    I used to work for a franchise owner in upper georgia.

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    Aire Serv is apparently a growing force in the economy. From what I hear the franchisees are doing very well. I am sure there are some that arent but I bet that is true of any organization.

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    I am going strong after about 1.25 years. Sales are going strong.

    Aire Serv has given me direction and planning that is going to help me achieve my personal and professional goals.
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    I have spent a lot of time talking to Gary Landon lately. I think they possibly serve two purposes. They give a new guy in business a foot hold, a system to get going.

    I am trying to determine that after 24 years in business if they can help me take it to a "higher" level, that would be the second purpose.

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    Air Serve just contacted my company I just started 3 months ago. Nathan is going to call me Monday, I wasn't sure what his assistant was talking about over the phone, until I looked up the website. I am not sure if a new company like myself should consider jumping into a franchise or just continue slowly making a name for myself and build my company the old fashion way.

    I am wondering if this is just another company like "one hour heating and air" air time 500 or whatever they call themselves. I use to work with them and they are in my city and charge alot of money, they try to convice people to replace equipement after 8 years telling them about all the money they will save on energy.

    from what I read around the net franchise fees are about 17K

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