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    Convincing a Customer of the Dangers of Risking a Compressor Burnout

    I have a customer that is a resort with a small 9 rack system with 7 medium temp 2.5 horse compressors and to low temp compressors. One of the compressors is on its way out become very loud and showing symptoms a possilbe burnout to come acid test are clean right now, but I am trying to educate the customer about the dangers of burnouts in a rack system, and the benefits of changing the compressor now to save them the money. They are very in charge types and I need some literature to back me before our meeting can anyone help, with literature that can illustrate the cost of waiting for this compressor to burn out and having to clean the entire system up.



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    it will be difficult to find any literature on it. prepare 2 quotes...1 showing costs now and 1 showing costs with clean up PER COMPRESSOR. make a point to discuss the down time. changing a compressor now is short and sweet versus multiple trips to change the oil and change filters which could increase the downtime. discuss what 'secondary damages' will occur such as lost product in the cooler/freezer, etc.

    since it is a rack system, a failure of 1 compressor can damage the other compressors. keep in mind that some manufacturers require all compressors to be changed out for warranty purposes, but personally, i think that is garbage as long as you take the proper precautions.
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