Forgive me if this answer is in the forum somewhere, but I couldn't find it...

I am helping manage a number of restaurants that have not had a good maintenance program probably since they were opened. Some of these places are a disaster and look like the previous contractors were a bunch of drunk hillbillies - duct tape and wire hold most of the equipment together.

So, I am planning on implementing a PM program with the sites with scheduled, contracted maintenance included. I am looking for a few things:

1. Does anyone have a good maintenance contract (HVAC and refrigeration) for restaurants? What should be included in one?
2. Along with that, does anyone have a good maintenance checklist for the managers to use on say a monthly basis and to follow up on the contractor? I'm talking fairly low-tech here - restaurant manager. Coils are clean, filters are clean, belts don't have cracks. Those sorts of things rather than refrigerant pressures etc.
3. Outside of the regular maintenance, internal people will take care of some things like changing filters, cleaning evaporator coils, etc. Is there a good maintenance schedule out there and how-tos for some of this stuff?
4. For someone like myself with a little more technical expertise, but is by no means a technician, is there a maintenance checklist / best practice guide to help set up good processes and help ID issues before (or after) they occur?

Thanks in advance