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    Any help is appreciated

    Master License Exam Prep?
    I have a question for those that have taken the exam (with or without taking a prep course). I'm at a point where I'm able to take my Masters exam, and looking into prep courses around here they are anywhere from $450-$600. I'm pretty good at taking tests, but I don't want to waste my money either way (whether having to take the test again, or by not needing the course). What would you all advise? Is there certain things I can study (mechanical code etc.) and should I fork out the money for the course or would self prep be sufficient? Thanks in advance.

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    I would take the prep course to get you into the style of question's that the will ask. I am not familiar with the test that you are talking about but if it is anything like the canadian Master electical License or the CFQ Refer test. I would go to the most recomended prep course for the test. Just to better my odds and get the feeling for what's ahead it can't hurt you.

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    I did not take a class.

    I knew guys that did.

    Study :

    Psych chart
    Man j
    Man d
    Lp boiler
    Hp boiler
    Carrier design man
    Trane ac man
    Pipefitter handbook
    Ac technology

    Mechanical code with emphasis on boilers.

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    Thank you for the info...

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    I'm taking a prep course for the state test. The class is once a week and they also give you dvds for at home study. tabs for the books (at an extra charge) and highlighting guides. I have access to the classes for a year.

    I would recommend this type of prep over just a weekend cram class.

    Good luck!!
    I miss you mom and dad.

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