Hey, everyone. I'm somewhat new to the field. I got my EPA cert. years ago but didn't have much opportunity to use it. I'm currently getting OJT with the hopes of reaching the next rung on the ladder. I'm in facilities maint. and the equipment I work on varies. One day it could be a 20 ton unit, the next a small fridge, the next taking a package unit and making it a split. Training can be sporadic and there's no set curriculum. The guy who trains me is super knowledgable though and tries to get me out in the field as much as possible which helps. I also get to fill in if he's super busy. All that said I do feel as though I'm standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest at times. Which I guess is what brings me here. I have a desire to do things right and keep learning.

Look forward to learning what I can from you guys.