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mcjo is just another mindless water carrier for obummer. He is an instigator like most if not all liberal janes that cant seem to understand logic.
Their technique is to place their hands over their ears and shout la la la la.

There is no rational explanation a liberal can give for electing their Kenyan for a second term. Instead, they will do anything to deflect such questions.

The only explanation for his election is that he is half black. This means that liberals are true racists and will vote for a mans skin color before considering true qualifying factors.

So, when questioned, they become defensive and combative because they do not want to admit to this fact.
It is really sad, however it seems there is more truth in this than folks would admit to themselves or to others... Then there are the ones that do it intentionally... shameless is all I can say.

Given one of our resident liberals seems to have tech knowledge (writes smart phone apps), it is not a matter of a dumb mule on the govt dole...
And assuming this phone app company is profitable, the liberal probably does not qualify for govt assistance.

So we are left wondering just what reason there was to vote for the Kenyan?

Lessee what we can come up with:
Is he (The Kenyan) a seasoned business leader who understands what needs to be done?
Hardly given his track record
Is he someone that understands the founding documents of our country?
Absolutely not
Is he someone trustworthy?
LOL... all one has to do is listen to him speak and that goes out the window
What are the odds he will actually return the USA to its status (world prestige and economic powerhouse... which means jobs and prosperity and safety and security for US citizens) before he was elected?
The odds-makers are not really kind on this one

So what reason is left? Well, as this poster remembers... there was a post a while back... something about 'our boy'...
Now it does not take a rocket scientist... or for that matter even a grade school graduate... to realize that was and is a racist comment... something that is illegal in this country.

SOOO; logic determines the vote was given on race, not on qualifications.

We all will suffer because of the short-sightedness of the few... When America learns this painful lesson... America will start to rise from the ashes.