I have posted about this problem before on the residential board. I am still trying to solve my problem, if it is a problem.
I have always had a good amount of dust in this 102 year-old house. THe walls, plaster, are covered with sheetrock as are the ceilings except one which is the old cealtex. It has been painted with Kilz and two coats of paint over the past five years or so.
When I shine a bright flashlight at night, I can see lots of small dust particles flying through the air. I thought it was because of the new system with more air movement and the duct system being twenty years old. ( The system is fiber board trunks and flex tubes to the vents in each room.) I have had the installer come twice to check for leaks of problems in the duct work. He said both last fall and this fall that the coils are not showing signs of dust buildup so the returns are ok. He checked certain spots on the fiber board and said it does not appear to be breaking down. It is yellow inside the boxes and the dust is while. I have two oriental rugs, a berber, and a braided rug. The rest is hardwood flooring. No curtains.
I see dust particles in every room at any spot in the room. When I brush my clothes, clean or dirty, hundreds of small particles fly. These are all only visible with a bright light.
Is this normal or is it dangerous for us. I have lived here for thirty years.
I have an electrolux vacuum that was made in the mid eighties. I am thinking that for years I have only been spreading dust around with the vacuum and didn't know it.
I use two of the filters from Home Depot that are rated FPR 4. One is just the regular filter I get from a supply house, three filters all together.
If anyone has any insight into this I would really appreicate the help.