Thats how I would say "its over" if I was one of those ignorant ass yankees from up north....

Anyhow.... Im sure you all have read about my family and my constantly handing out money to those losers cause they wont work or they spend their money that they do make on drugs, beer etc.....

Handed out another 2 grand last week to save yet another house from being foreclosed They hit my dad up for a grand.

This week my bum nephew calls me and needs 350.00 to feed his family.... he isnt married and at least the week before he was single and yet again living with his mom and dad.

Found out today that he tried to get 350 out of my dad to "pay the court".... whatever the f that means.

Im done with them.... If they come over to the house I am going to not even talk to them and im going to be as cold as I can to them without coming right out and telling them to get out. If they ask for money Im going to tell them to get out.

If they call....Im immediately hanging up on them as soon as they call.

I cant fiqure out how to protect my dad from those vultures....but if they so much as call and tell me their kid is dying and they need 100 to save his life.... Im hanging up on them....

I fiqured it up yesterday and ive given out 5 fiqures..... Im embarrased to say how much but its a substantial amount of my paycheck... always for the same stories...always with a promise to pay back.

Its over..... Im even thinking of recording a phone message that says ... If you are calling to bum money we aint got none.... anyone else please leave your name and number and a brief message.

Its not so much the money.... but its that I have worked so hard..... and a big chunk of that work was used to support people who are in better health than I am..... younger, stronger..... they just wont get up off their asses and do something to support themselves or their families.

Posted before I was

Anyhow... those leeches will come by here for xmas.... Im thinking about just locking up the doors....parking the cars down the street and pretending we are not