So, I have a question for some of you guys in colder climates, that frequently use your recovery machines to pump refer back into units after service. Since it is pretty hard to get it to take a full charge when it is stupid cold outside, we use our machines to pump the weighed charge back in. This occurs mostly with rooftop chillers, heat recovery/heat pump systems, and critical cooling equipment.

My question. We have gone over to the Appion G5 Twins. Love their performance in recovery operations. No complaints. My only complaint is that they don't like liquid when pumping back in. I personally still carry my Bacharach Stinger on the truck, since I spend more time doing white glove work, it hasn't been an issue with recovery time. If I have to recover a big system, I call one of the guys over. The Stinger never misses a beat when pumping liquid, but the G5 shakes, rattles and sounds like it is about to throw a rod.

We are seeing that the G5 is not as receptive to liquid as the Stinger was. Are any of you seeing this and if so, what are you using as a work around. I am starting to get nervous about killing one of the G5's just trying to weigh a charge back in.

Thanks in advance.