I own a Sub-zero Ice maker that is a re-branded DCE33 Scotsman.
It is two years old and under warranty - but of course - it has stopped making ice during Thanksgiving
(just like heaters going out in winter and AC's going out in summer - ice makers go out when you have a party).

The unit has no ice, it is "warm" inside the box - bone dry. No water - nothing - just a hot box with the compressor running. I suspected the unit failed in some way a day or so earlier - enough to melt all the ice and evaporate all the water.

So I suspected the timer - even though I replaced it a month earlier. I advanced the timer manually to start the water fill, spray/freeze cycle. The water fill was normal and the freeze cycle started. The circulating water did not cool. At first I suspected the compressor/ sealed unit, but it seems to be working fine. A low freon leak should have shut the unit down and the thermal overload kick in if there was an internal short.

So I am thinking it is the hot gas valve. My question is that after only two years operation - is it reasonable it could be the hot gas valve? Could it still be the compressor? When I left the unit on for 15 minutes (no ice of course) - the compressor became normally hot and the water in the reservoir rose in temperature.

The unit is under warranty - but I won't be able to get it fixed until after the holiday - and I need ice. Perhaps tapping the hot gas valve? Could that work?