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    Best Things To Ask a Potential HVAC Employer before Relocating 800 Miles Away.

    Need some awesome advice on what important questions to ask a potential HVAC employer?

    I have done some research on them and there website and even got a chance to speak with the vice president of there company and have about 75 employees total including technicians.

    I asked if there company and staff support training and learning to one another and was a big yes but didn't get into the specifics of it.

    I have checked the geographic area and seems fine in real-a-state and environmentally sound.

    I am a new grade in this field of HVAC with 22month training and EPA Tech universal certified,

    I have talent, already mechanical inclined with skills, great learner and integration, ambitious with initiative to succeed in what I'm learning witch would be HVAC, and not worried so much with what questions they'll be ask me.

    I'm more worried about what questions to cover and ask them about there company before deciding to pursue them as a company to work for not to just to get my feet wet but a company to stay with as my long term career.

    They seem to be well constructed family owned company with desire to grow and expand.

    I see a real potential HVAC Company to start my career and stay with and need extra help on what to look more into and important questions to ask before showing real interest.

    Best of Thanks Guys who can help me out.

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    Easy one!!

    How long have your top ten mechanics been here??

    If they say 35 yrs 32,30,25 23 22, 22, 21, 21,20.

    Take the job.

    12, 9,8 7,5,5,5,4,4,3

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