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    Testo 317-3 Issues

    I went out to a call to inspect the HX and took the unit apart. Inpected the HX and it was in a great shape. I decided to get my Testo 317 out and place it on top of a vent near the GPACK. Talking to the customer and noticing my display was showing 8ppm. So I tried moving it away from the vent and it drop down to 5ppm. I was unsure if the item was working correctly, so I took it outside away from the house and it was still showing 5 - 8ppm. I turned it off and let it cool down and turned it back on and it showed 0ppm. Now I tested it by placing it next the exhaust real quick and back to fresh air and it worked fine, but after the second time, it was stuck around 5 - 8ppm again and it had fresh air. Now that I am home and I don't have any gas equipment and I fired up a flame in mid air and it reads it.

    Do you think the sensor is getting to hot from the air coming out of the vents, I never had this happen before.

    *Just confirm heat is causing my meter to read fault reading. I have a HP at home and it just started showing 2ppm out of the vents after it warms up.

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    If I remember right the 317 is heat sensitive and should not be used like that

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